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No more pH calibration in the field

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article image The loop powered Liquiline M CM42 analysis transmitter.

AN extremely critical parameter common to most process industries is the accurate measurement of pH values at specified times and stages across their processes.

pH measurement is not always a simple operation. In chemical and wastewater treatment plants for instance, pH readings must be taken in potentially hazardous environments.

Moreover, pH electrodes need to be recalibrated periodically - sometimes as frequently as twice a day in harsh applications. And it can take up to 30 minutes to calibrate a pH electrode.

Now, with the launch of the revolutionary loop-powered Liquiline M CM42 analysis transmitter, Endress+Hauser has dramatically improved the safety and simplicity with which pH - and other - measurements can be made in any application.

The CM42 is a 2-wire, loop-powered transmitter that also powers the MemoSens technology sensors. This system allows the transmitter to be located as much as 100m away from the measuring electrode, far from hazardous applications. Also, electrode replacement now takes only a few minutes.

Earlier this year, Endress+Hauser made a significant breakthrough with the launch of the world's first plug-and-play pH electrode with MemoSens technology.

It provides a robust, contactless electrode-cable connection point by using an inductive electrical connection.

MemoSens also features digital memory capability, allowing it to be calibrated in the workshop at the user's convenience and stored prior to installation. As soon as the electrode is connected, the calibration data is uploaded to the transmitter automatically.

Since it is an intelligent electrode, MemoSens holds a wealth of useful information. Partnered with Liquiline M CM42, users now have easy and direct access to all of this data.

Apart from the process variable being measured, MemoSens data includes diagnostics such as status of the electrode, length of time used in the process, number of times over 80°C and impedance of the glass electrode, which gives an indication of its integrity.

Liquiline M CM42 comes with an IP67 rating and its unique housing design makes the unit suitable for either panel mount or field mount.

It is also compatible with all communication protocols: 4..20 mA, HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA and can therefore be easily integrated into existing or new applications.

The Liquiline M CM42 transmitter adopts a modular design making reconfiguration extremely simple since the modules are clipped onto a common DIN rail in the unit.

Simply changing the sensor module enables the pH device to be converted to a conductivity or dissolved oxygen measuring system. Modules to measure other parameters will become available soon.

One significant feature that sets Liquiline M CM42 apart from others in the market is its ease of use. In a major breakthrough, Endress+Hauser has successfully created an instrument that is also its own technical manual.

An intuitive Navigator button operates like a jog shuttle and guides the user through parameter setting, diagnostics, preventive maintenance and servicing using simple text.

Liquiline M CM42 is able to fully harness the intelligence in the digital MemoSens electrodes and offers users a wealth of significant benefits without any price premium.

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