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Next generation RF admittance level sensors

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article image Reliable, accurate level measurement - Liquicap M.

EFFICIENT level measurement in storage, process and buffer tanks in the food, petrochemical and chemical industries poses several challenges.

These include the need for on-site calibration (empty and full) once the device is fitted to the vessel, special tank design to house and mount the device, measuring rapid level changes and viscous media build-up among others.

Endress+Hauser's Liquicap M is a next generation RF admittance level measurement instrument that addresses these issues and also incorporates a host of other innovative features.

Liquicap M is ideal for the food industry - it comes with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval and meets EHEDG's (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) aseptic requirements.

The probe can be supplied factory calibrated for conductive liquids enabling simple and fast commissioning. OEMs no longer need to calibrate or empty and fill the vessel prior to fitting the probe - literally fit-and-forget.

Build-up of viscous media on the probe can drastically reduce measurement accuracy, negatively impacting inventory management. To address this issue, Endress+Hauser has incorporated new cutting-edge algorithms into Liquicap M to accurately and automatically compensate for build-up on the rod or rope.

Level measurement in the petrochemical industry poses a different set of challenges especially when the interface level of immiscible liquids need to be measured. Liquicap M's capacitive probe not only accurately measures the interface layer in conductive/non-conductive liquids, but it can also measure emulsion levels, something that is not possible with other more expensive technologies.

The extremely fast response time makes Liquicap M particularly suitable in smaller tanks where rapid level changes occur. Since there is no 'blocking distance', as is standard with ultrasonic and microwave level measuring devices, the measurement is made from the end of the probe to the process connection, from the tank bottom to the top. This makes tank configuration and size immaterial to Liquicap M's ability to measure levels accurately.

In the rare event of a failure in the transmitter electronics, the module can be simply and quickly replaced without the need for recalibration since calibration data is stored in the sensor head and can be automatically uploaded into the transmitter on replacement.

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