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New wastewater analysis package

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article image MemoGraph data analysis package.

ENDRESS+Hauser has released a wastewater industry data analysis package for its paperless MemoGraph data recorder.

Designed for early identification of invalid or unwanted operating conditions (and correspondingly increasing the time available for preventative or remedial action) the new package monitors the efficiency and economical running of treatment plants as well as the condition and status of individual components involved in the treatment process.

According to Endress+Hauser Australia managing director John Immelman, the impetus behind the new package was to improve the condition monitoring capacities of wastewater plant management.

"Managing a wastewater plant is much more than the operation, supervision and maintenance of all equipment involved," he said.

"It is also about monitoring and controlling the operation as well as measuring, examining, recording and analysing operational status and conditions.

"This data analysis package is designed to provide that additional operational data."

Using signal analysis that complies with the latest international EKVO (Eigenkontrollverordnung) self-monitoring regulations, the wastewater MemoGraph package records every relevant parameter, ranging from flow measurement to pH values, turbidity, conductivity and dissolved oxygen contract.

It calculates peak and low value intervals with the help of input integration and intermediate mathematical channels and offers additional alarm functions via relay outputs.

Alarm set points are documented and can be transmitted to audible alarms, contactors and pumps.

The wastewater package also allows for selective recording to record external influences such as seepage water.

For example, the device's flow module can be set to record only between, say, 3am and 5am when normal flows are at their lowest level and any measurements can be used as a basis for a more accurate calculation of seepage water content.

Running times of pumps, controllers and valves can also be recorded and analysed.

All recordings generated in the wastewater package can be displayed with daily, monthly and yearly analysis. And by combining a serial interface and the Endress+Hauser ReadWin operational software, stored data can be downloaded and then analysed and displayed on a PC.

According to John Immelman, these features mean that operational personnel can focus on managing the plant from a holistic perspective.

"They can virtually ensure optimal performance at the push of a button in the control room," he said.

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