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article image Eco-graph paperless recorder.

ENDRESS+Hauser has launched several derivatives of the industry standard Eco-Graph paperless recorder that offer good functionality and are environmentally friendly, at a price 25% lower than conventional paper recorders, and with no costs in replacing paper and pens.

The Eco-graph A features three or six channel universal analogue inputs with two alarm set points per channel, four control/event inputs and three relays as well as RS232 and RS485 outputs.

A new version provides three loop power supplies, with the same functionality on each of the three channels as with the standard models. The Eco-graph A can also be configured to integrate the analogue inputs on each of the six channels to display and log totalised values.

A quick set-up function and automatic signal detection makes the configuration process simple. The automatic signal detection function not only reduces set up time but also makes sensor replacement easier.

The set up process is menu-driven, activated via the front panel buttons and complemented by an intuitive built in operating manual. The operator selects the measurement type and the engineering unit required and then sets the scaling.

Set-up can also be executed using the ReadWin operating software, which is included with the Eco-graph A at no cost. Channel parameters can be quickly copied to other channels and channel configuration downloaded using the Eco-Graph's internal diskette drive.

ReadWin also allows the user to dial-in remotely from a GSM or analogue modem, giving access to real-time values, and the ability to download archived data.

The unit offers a fully adjustable feed rate from 5mm/h to 1000mm/h and stores the equivalent of up to 70m of paper worth of data in its 2Mb internal memory. The Eco-graph A monitors the amount of storage memory available and alerts the user when the memory or diskette approaches the "full" level.

Uses for the device include recording and visualisation, data acquisition and elementary control and others.

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