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Loop powered flowmeter for hazardous areas

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article image Promag 23 electromagnetic flowmeter.

THE new PROline generation of electromagnetic flowmeters from Endress+Hauser is based on a concept described as "evolution through innovation". The latest model in the family is the Promag 23, an industrial electromagnetic flowmeter which can be loop-powered in hazardous areas.

Its functionality, accuracy and measuring ranges are derived from the four-wire instruments in the Endress+Hauser Promag family. The new Promag 23 uses low power consumption electronic control sensors identical in performance to those of the four-wire instruments and is available in diameters 25mm to 200mm with an extensive selection of liners and electrode materials.

By inserting a fixed density factor it is also possible for the device to output mass flow directly, in place of volumetric flow.

For the chemical industry, PFA is characterised as the universal liner material, with its excellent chemical resistance and suitability for temperature up to 180°C.

For hygienic applications in the food or pharmaceutical industries, measuring sensors are available with stainless steel housings, hygienic design, corresponding process connections (DIN 11864, Tri Clamp, weld nipples), as well as the required approvals.

With two-wire loop-powered technology, the total cost for a measurement point can be significantly reduced compared to conventional 4 wire devices.

Simplified hazardous area protection, reduced installation costs, and low energy costs make the Endress+Hauser Promag 23 an alternative in basic applications.

Exploiting the modular design of the Promag family, the Promag 23 can be configured in an extensive variety of combinations to suit all applications, water, chemical or process.

The long-term operating costs of wear and maintenance-free magmeters can be reduced even further. Easy instrument operation and commissioning is assured by both the operating configuration matrix, which provides uniform operation for all E+H measuring instruments, and by Quick Setup.

Quick Setup facilitates fast commissioning, where the operator is guided through the most important parameters without time-intensive programming.

Programming errors are thereby prevented and operational integrity is increased. The ‘Touch Control’ local operation in place of pushbuttons, has been carried over from the higher end models, and complemented by a new, four-line display.

This means the transmitter does not need to be opened, in the hazardous areas, preserving the safety integrity, and permitting 'live' commissioning.

Instrument configuration can be carried out directly out of the control room with bus systems such as Profibus PA or Foundation Fieldbus. All PROline instruments are equipped with the HART communication protocol. Endress + Hauser 02 8877 7000.

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