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High performance flowmeter for slurries

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article image The Promag 55S flowmeter.

THE latest addition to the Endress+Hauser Proline flowmeter family, the Promag 55S, is a high performance electromagnetic flowmeter specifically designed for harsh slurries.

Typical applications include those found in mining, paper and pulp, fruit/vegetable mash, and the Promag 55S can even handle entrained air (bubbles) and non-homogeneous liquids.

Uniquely, when used together with the Endress+Hauser Gammapilot FMG60 density device, it can then output massflow, or solid content - dry tonnes, which has been an unrealised demand from the mining industry for decades.

The Promag 55S utilises a fast signal sampling and a scientifically optimised magnetic field frequency and strength.

Using the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) techniques, and advanced electronic filtering, the Promag 55S is able to accurately and reliably measure the flowrates of even the harshest slurries, and totally overcomes the limitations of conventional magmeters in these applications.

Because of the varying characteristics of slurries, the Promag 55S is available with natural rubber (Linatex) liners and 'brush' electrodes for chunky and course applications, or polyurethane (PU) liners and tungsten-carbine coated electrodes for finer, abrasive duties.

A number of other liner/electrode combinations are also available.

The 'brush' electrode design is also unique to Endress+Hauser and each electrode is made of fine stainless steel strands projecting a short distance through the liner such that the impact of flowing stones and ore is elastic and causes no electrode damage.

Standard accuracy is 0.2% of reading, or 0.5% using brush electrodes. The device features a universal power supply 20-260V ac/dc, thereby eliminating any possible power connection failure, and offers 4-20mA with HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus outputs.

The flowmeter can be easily commissioned to handle pulsating flows, reducing the effects of upstream pumps, is suitable for liquids with conductivity >5µs/cm, is available at IP67 or IP68, and with DN/ANSI flanges.

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