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Guided microwave for chemical applications

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article image The Rod and Rope versions of the FMP41C.

GUIDED microwave ("radar on a rope") offers a narrow, well-defined measurement path that enables reliable, continuous level measurement in some of the most difficult solid and liquid applications.

It functions consistently well in a range of process conditions (eg foaming, turbulent surfaces) that can compromise the reliability of other level measurement principles.

Until now, however, this well proven, highly successful "fit-and-forget" guided microwave technology has not been widely used in the chemical industry because the exotic metals used for guided radar probes in corrosive chemical processes have been significantly more expensive than standard 316 stainless steel alternatives.

The new Levelflex FMP41C from Endress+Hauser is the only guided microwave technology that offers rod and rope versions 100% encased in corrosion-resistant plastic materials.

Other probes on the market that feature plastic (eg PTFE, PFA) coating also incorporate a metallic component built from exotic, highly expensive materials like titanium or Hastelloy C that withstand the corrosive chemicals in the process.

With Levelflex FMP41C, the process only comes into contact with suitably certified coatings - providing a reliable, corrosion-resistant, lower-cost measurement solution for chemically aggressive applications.

The FMP41C incorporates an industry standard Time of Flight (ToF) user interface for quick and easy set-up and operation. Set-up and predictive maintenance can be readily performed at the measuring point using the four-line, 80-character local display; or remotely using the ToF Tool software (supplied free of charge with the FMP41C).

Both the local display and the software offer intuitive operating menus utilising plain English text. There is no need to look up parameter codes or matrix positions in a paper-based reference manual, because the user simply selects and enters relevant variables from a pre-defined list covering all types of process conditions.

Furthermore, two of the four lines in the local display contain explanatory text, which in the ToF Tool software is expanded with links to the relevant Help chapters.

As with all models in Endress+Hauser's time of flight range - ultrasonic, radar and guided radar - the emphasis on ease of use extends to modular design and user-exchangeable components.

In both the rod and rope versions of the Levelflex FMP41C, even the encapsulated probe can be exchanged by the user in five minutes or less.

The Levelflex FMP41C has a SIL 2 rating in accordance with IEC 61508, which makes it the only SIL-rated measuring device of its kind.

It is available in both two- and four-wire versions. A choice of HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus digital output protocols enables simple integration into existing systems.

Endress+Hauser's user-friendly Applicator Selection software tool at www.au.endress.com can help customers explore their level measurement options and determine exactly which Levelflex FMP41C model they need.

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