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article image Promass 831 Coriolis flow meter.

ENDRESS+Hauser's new Promass 83I is the only Coriolis flow meter that directly measures viscosity as well as mass flow, density and temperature.

It also offers a unique range of industry-specific derived outputs (Brix, Baume, etc).

Promass 83I is exceptionally robust and reliable and delivers continuous, simultaneous and highly accurate process measurements.

Viscosity measurement in the laboratory is typically labour-intensive and time-consuming, and can be inconsistent.

Alternatively, in-line viscosity measurement is continuous, accurate, automated and saves valuable time - enabling plant engineers to make necessary adjustments more quickly than ever before, optimise the quality and cost-effectiveness of the process and prevent wastage.

Promass 83I utilises Endress+Hauser's Torsion Mode Balancing (single, straight-tube Coriolis) system as a platform for measuring viscosity. The viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids is measured with good repeatability, and of Newtonian fluids with better than ±5% accuracy.

The increasing popularity of fieldbus technology has enabled plant engineers to make ever-increasing use of the multi-variable outputs from Coriolis flow meters.

As a single, exceptionally compact unit that measures not just mass flow, density and temperature but also viscosity in-line, Promass 83I represents a highly convenient monitoring and control solution for a broad range of applications wherever viscosity is an issue.

Promass 83I can be programmed with all available density-based concentration tables to derive any industry-specific engineering unit that is required.

Even complex fluid properties (eg % solids in the dairy industry) can be linearised and calculated with a high degree of accuracy and flexibility.

Promass 83I is a 'fit-and-forget' device. As a single-tube meter using the Torsion Mode Balancing principle, no additional mounting supports are needed and installation is simple, even in confined spaces.

It has a high oscillation frequency that provides inherent immunity to pipeline/plant vibrations and the effects of pulsating flow, while reacting rapidly to flow rate changes.

In the food industry, the unit's s hygienic, 3A- and EHEDG-compliant, straight-tube design prevents blockage by solids, is easy to clean, and eliminates bacteria build-up.

For the chemical industry, Promass 83I has PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approval and meets all requirements (eg ATEX, FM, SAA) for use in hazardous areas.

Secondary containment (double protection) is standard, adding mechanical strength to the meter as well as safety from product 'break-through'.

Its robust construction, immunity from vibrations, long-term stability and easy-to-clean design enable significant reductions in installation and maintenance costs.

“In the past, measuring viscosity has always been problematic,” says John Immelman of Endress+Hauser Australia.

“Now with the Promass 83I we are providing a standard Coriolis flow meter that also has viscosity as an output - making it that much more useful and flexible.”

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