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Endress + Hauser’s automated pH measurement saves time and money

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The measurement of pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) is vital in many industrial processes. These parameters are often so critical to the process that they have to be monitored continuously. Manual grab samples and even “basic online pH/ORP systems” are not only costly and time consuming to maintain, but can also be hazardous to operators due to the nature of the process fluids. 

As well as being able to automatically insert an electrode into the process as frequently as required, Topcal S, Endress Hauser ’s fully automated measurement system can calibrate, sterilise, clean and rinse its measurement electrode. By only inserting the sensing electrode into the process medium when a measurement is required and cleaning it after use, the service life of the electrode is maximised. This helps to reduce the frequency of sensor replacement, increases plant availability and reduces the cost of reagents and maintenance.

While saving time, reducing costs and protecting staff from hazardous process fluids is extremely important, ultimately the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of pH and ORP measurements are the key to optimising process yields. TopCal S ensures highly accurate, repeatable measurements through repeatable calibration and frequent cleaning of the electrode. 

Electrodes and retractable assemblies are available to suit a wide range of applications in the mining, food and pharmaceutical industries. Each Topcal S system consists of a control unit, pneumatically controlled retractable assembly, and separate pH / ORP transmitter with 4-20mA, HART / 4-20mA, Profibus or approved intrinsically safe measurement outputs suitable for explosion hazardous environments. To protect the system from the most demanding environmental conditions, Topcal S can be supplied in either stainless steel or glass reinforced polyester cabinets.

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