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Endress+Hauser introduces Cleanfit CPA472D retractable assembly

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article image Cleanfit CPA472D retractable assembly

Following its successful installation in the chemical plants of Bayer and Lanxess, Endress+Hauser is now introducing its new Cleanfit CPA472D retractable assembly to the market as a standardised heavy-duty range.

With the retractable assembly’s modular design and robust construction, the CPA472D meets the special requirements of the chemical industry: in addition to wide-ranging resistance to chemicals, customers require a high level of pressure stability at high temperatures.

The CPA472D is equipped to meet these demands and is suitable for installation in process kettles and pipelines for aggressive media under pressures up to 16 bar and at temperatures up to 140°C.

The CPA472D performs significantly better in these conditions than the previous models CPA471/472. Even the customer requirement for optimum immersion depths for process plants has been implemented consistently.

Analogue standard or digital Memosens electrodes measuring 225 or 360 mm in length can be used. These reach effective immersion depths of 125 or 260 mm (sensor position).

The new retractable process assembly is characterised by its high degree of modularity. All components are identical, and the component materials are interchangeable.

The customer can order six different materials as standard: stainless steel 1.4571 (SS 316Ti), Hastelloy C4, titanium, PVDF, PEEK and even electrically conductive PVDF.

This variety allows users in the chemical industry to choose assemblies made of materials suited to their specific applications. Modules of key importance to users can also be ordered individually and replaced as necessary.

By storing only components which are of the same design rather than complete assemblies, customers can save money.

A creative solution achieved in this construction is that pressure-sensitive component assemblies made of plastics such as PVDF are reinforced with stainless steel.

They are therefore sandwiched in and can be pressure-loaded. Another safety feature of the CPA472D is a patented locking device which blocks the automatic entrance into the process if a sensor is missing.

This heavy-duty assembly is therefore suitable as a universal solution for demanding requirements even in safety-related areas such as in production plants for titanium dioxide, plant protectives or biodiesel.

For safe and service-friendly installation in pipelines, corrosion-resistant flow assemblies with a PFA lining can be ordered. They are available with or without a sight glass, also as standard.

This facilitates the installation of the retractable process assembly, particularly in the main stream in pipes (DN50 and/or 80). For operating staff, the possibility of visually monitoring the installed sensor in the medium is yet another advantage.

With the market launch of the Cleanfit CPA472D, Endress Hauser 's range of assemblies has been expanded to include the area of heavy-duty assemblies.

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