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Endress + Hauser compact controllers with Memosens technology

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article image Compact pH/ORP controller based on Memosens technology

The small, low-cost Liquiline CM14 compact controller from Endress Hauser is based on high tech Memosens technology for measuring pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

Designed for simple pH or ORP measurement applications, CM14 means users will no longer need to pay extra for functions that the application doesn’t require. The small housing fits perfectly into standard panels and makes it a very attractive device for skid builders of:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water treatment and drinking water monitoring
  • Ion exchangers
  • Surface water monitoring
The Liquiline CM14  compact 4-wire transmitter delivers reliable and accurate data. By using digital Memosens technology, it provides trouble-free and low maintenance operation. 

Key features of the pH/ORP transmitter includes:

  • Easy and simple to use plug and play function
  • Provides reliable data transmission immune to moisture or corrosion
  • Sensors can be calibrated in the lab to keep downtime in the process to an absolute minimum
  • Process Check System (PCS) checks the measuring system for abnormalities
  • Two adjustable contactors allow an upper and lower limit to be set for process control and a second current output displays the temperature
  • 48 x 96 mm panel mounted housing covered by a large and easy to read digital display
This pH/ORP, conductivity and oxygen measurement tool is also suitable for the installation of panels or cabinets.

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