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Displacer replacer by-pass solution

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article image Displacer replaced by Levelflex.

ENDRESS+Hauser's new ‘displacer replacer’ is designed to replace the legacy displacer mechanics within the by-pass level control housing attached to hydrocarbon storage or processing tanks.

This industry-specific application of Endress+Hauser's advanced Time of Flight technology gives tank farms and refineries an opportunity to take a significant technological leap forward and boost market competitiveness.

The displacer and associated mechanics are removed from the existing by-pass housing, and a Levelflex M guided microwave unit is mounted at the top of the displacer chamber.

The device is based on the Time of Flight principle and Endress+Hauser's level monitoring technology.

Replacing the displacer in this way enables plants and refineries to achieve significant cost savings by eliminating the need for regular displacer maintenance and calibration, which can require a total plant shut.

Unlike the displacer the Levelflex is not susceptible to build-up or sedimentation, and its low maintenance requirements can be fully met without any interruption to the process because only the antenna rod is in contact with the liquid.

The entire transmitter can be safely removed while only the antenna rod and the process connection (flange) remain in place.

The ‘displacer replacer’ also improves the quality of plant processes by increasing the precision and reliability of level measurement.

In contrast with the displacer, the operational accuracy of the Levelflex is not affected by changes in liquid density, temperature, pressure, gases, vapours or other variables within the petrol, diesel, tar, or bitumen storage tanks.

Endress+Hauser's Levelflex technology is recognised as an advanced, precise and low-maintenance solution for measuring liquid levels within vessels.

Its "microwave on a rod" instrumentation measures levels by analysing the transit time of a signal reflected off a change of dielectric, typically between air and the hydrocarbon liquid.

This achieves accuracy and completely supersedes the conventional displacer with its high-maintenance mechanism and vulnerability to operational variables.

Tof-Tool - Endress+Hauser's state-of-the-art, PC-based, Time of Flight software platform - complements the Levelflex and enables simple and safe commissioning, maintenance, diagnosis and documentation.

An LCD panel is included with the Levelflex device and provides an at-a-glance display of the radar signal as an envelope curve.

"The beauty of this solution is that it's so cost-effective," comments Endress+Hauser Australia's managing director, John Immelman.

"Locating Time of Flight within the existing by-pass keeps installation costs down, and displacer maintenance expenses are completely removed from the equation.

“Plants that adopt the 'Displacer Replacer' will see a return on investment many times over."

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