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The Deltapilot S pressure transmitter for level measure of liquids, recently launched in Australia by Endress+Hauser, features higher accuracy, improved ability to handle temperature shocks and increased modularity.

The new level sensor FMB70 is ideally suited to wet environments present in breweries, and in food plants and dairies. In these demanding applications, the fluctuating temperature difference between the cold media, like beer and milk, and the relatively warm conditions in the plant induces the ambient air to condense. This occurs not only on the outside of each measuring device, but also internally within the transmitter housing and in the measuring sensor. When using a conventional pressure transmitter in such applications, the ingress moisture firstly causes drifting of the measured value, and finally total failure.

To address this issue, Endress+Hauser developed the condensation tight pressure sensor technology, called CONTITE, (condensation tight) and incorporated it into the design of the Deltapilot. The sensor is fully encapsulated to resist and prevent the ingress of moisture, due either to incorrect plant maintenance or condensation. Additionally, the housing is designed to minimise the air volume within, reducing the potential for condensation to form and accumulate, and avoid drift.

With a response time of just 70 milliseconds, the CONTITE sensor is one of the fast in the industry. Consequently, there is no time lag due to zero point stability, after a CIP and more critically SIP, cycle. This results in good batch-to-batch stability, increased availability of the process line and higher quality production.

The Deltapilot S (FMB70) measured value is fully compensated, since it incorporates an integrated temperature sensor at the far front of its CONTITE sensor. This minimises the influence from changing process temperatures, which is an issue with conventional oil-filled diaphragm seal sensors that suffer from zero point drift due to internal oil expansion.

High-pressure wash downs have little or no impact due to the full IP68 stainless steel Tx housing, and Deltapilot’s Gore-tex breather filter that allows the Tx housing to breath, without allowing moisture ingress. The CONTITE sensor comes with corrosion resistance wetted membrane in Hast C276, and is available with the necessary approvals for use in hygienic applications such as having surface roughness Ra<0.4, 3.1B material certificate and FDA listed fill fluids.

The fully modular Deltapilot S also shares components with Endress+Hauser’s Cerabar S and Deltabar S pressure series, enabling companies to minimise their stocks of spare parts. The Deltapilot S uses the same simple English text display, and software used in Endress+Hauser’s pressure and level range of instruments. It also has a wide pressure range, from 10 mbar to 10 bar, sustaining maximum working pressure (MWP) peaks of up to 40 bar.

By using an encapsulated sensor and advanced breathing technology, Endress+Hauser provides the possible design to ensure longevity, reliability and accuracy in hygienic level measurement applications.

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