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DP flow meters available from Endress + Hauser Australia

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Differential pressure (DP) flow meters are based on a relatively inexpensive and mature technology. Yet, selecting and installing these devices is not simple and requires a reasonable level of engineering skill. With the new Deltatop, Endress Hauser Australia have implemented a new solution by supplying a one-stop-shop solution.

All the steps related to product selection, engineering, calibration, and manufacturing are now bundled together with the Deltatop from Endress + Hauser Australia. Despite its limitations differential pressure for flow applications remains a popular choice. There are no moving parts and the systems can be used over a wide range of pipe sizes from DN4 to DN12000. For the largest pipes, this technology is cost effective. The Deltatop is used in all industries, for both liquids and gas flow measurement.

Flow meters calculate the flow in a pipe by measuring the differential pressure upstream and downstream of an artificial restriction in the pipe. In certain applications, the restriction needs to be big, such as an orifice plate, and significantly restricts the flow rate which affects the pump efficiency. In these cases, a Pitot tube is used to make this process more energy efficient. Multiple Pitot tubes are fixed together and an average of the differential pressure reading is taken, providing more stable and repeatable readings. Selecting the most effective measuring equipment, either orifice plate or Pilot tube requires experience.

Installing the DP flow meter is a labour-intensive and challenging process. A multitude of issues need to be determined well before manufacture and installation. These relate to high pressure or high temperature issues, whether to weld or screw in the components, selection of the components at the measuring point such as steam pots to protect the transmitter from steam and installing the primary element, manifold connections, calibration and pre-testing.

Having correctly selected all the component parts, it is necessary to calibrate and arrange the system, taking into account low flow cutoff at the low end and cavitation at high flow rates.

Endress + Hauser Australia package the design, engineering and manufacturing, thereby reducing any guesswork and ensuring optimum solution. All issues are discussed with an Endress + Hauser Australia’s engineer and pre-ordered before the manufacturing begins, so that the Deltatop arrives on site as a completed unit, ready for installation.

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