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Conductivity and concentration measurement sensor

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article image New conductivity sensor offers food for thought.

ENDRESS+Hauser has released a conductivity and concentration measurement sensor for hygienic applications.

The newly-designed sensor features rapid response times for conductivity and temperature measurements, is fully sterilisable up to 125°C and 5 bar, is FDA approved, has surface roughness Ra=0.8µm and incorporates explosion protection for use with organic solvents.

The Indumax H CLS54 is a completely encapsulated, inductive conductivity sensor, including a Pt 1000 temperature sensor, housed in virgin PEEK material.

There are no seals, except for the process connection, ensuring the device is FDA approved. The high level of hygienic design has already won it EHEDG approval and 3A acceptance is now ratified.

Optionally, the sensor is offered with bioreactivity tests according to USP (United States Pharmacopeia) parts 87 and 88 class VI. These tests establish how living organisms react to the sensor material to prevent any risk of contamination of drugs.

Typical applications are conductivity measurement in food production, concentration measurement of the CIP cycle, and to monitor the interface between cleaning and rinsing during the CIP cleaning.

Since conductivity measurement is temperature dependent, the quick-response Pt 1000 temperature sensor works together with an inbuilt software table to compensate readings to 25°C.

All commonly used process connections such as Varivent, Dairy DN40 and DN50, TriClamp and SMS 2" are available.

The system is available with compact transmitter CLD134, for low vibration applications, and also with remote electronics in high vibration installations.

Used together with the Liquiline transmitter, all typical concentration tables such as NaOH and HCl as well as user-definable TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) tables are included, and the display includes the PV, temperature and concentration.

The CLS54's unique jointless and creviceless design and the high-grade material used in its fabrication, make it a reliable, accurate and hygienic solution to conductivity and concentration measurement.

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