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Compact new line for turbidity measurement

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article image Inline, laboratory and portable versions.

WITH the introduction of the compact Turbimax CUE21-CUE26 line, Endress+Hauser now offers an economical alternative for turbidity measurement in drinking water and service (grey) water applications, while conforming to ISO and EPA standards.

In addition to online process monitoring (CUE21/CUE22), the product range also includes devices for laboratory use (CUE23/CUE24) and for field use (CUE25/CUE26).

By employing the same measuring principle and using a similar measurement setup, the Turbimax CUE21-CUE26 delivers accurate correlation between the measurement results from online, laboratory and portable turbidity meters - eliminating any discrepancies between the field and the lab results.

The online compact measuring station was developed especially for continuous and reliable turbidity measurement in drinking water and service water applications.

The use of scattered infrared light technology enables measurements according to EN ISO 7027 (CUE21), with white light devices providing for measurements according to US EPA 180.1 (CUE22).

The small volume of the specially-developed flow through chamber allows for a very fast response time.

The device also has the advantages of reusable and traceable turbidity standards, with the reference samples supplied in safe, compact containers. Integrated automatic ultrasound cleaning prevents the adhesion of air bubbles and extends the intervals between cleaning.

The laboratory turbidity meter for light-scattering measurement in accordance with EN ISO 7027 (CUE23) and US EPA 180.1 (CUE24) is ideally suited for research and routine measurement. The device possesses an RS-232 interface, which enables data to be stored in memory or to be printed out.

It also has an automatic calibration alarm indicating when device recalibration is required. The measurement is taken in the same sample vessels as the online measurement, thereby facilitating simple and rapid calibration using the same turbidity standards as with the online device.

The manual turbidity meter, like the online and laboratory devices, is based on light-scattering measurement in accordance with both recognised standards. It comes with a robust storage box containing all the necessary auxiliary materials (such as batteries, summary operating instructions, measuring vessels and reusable calibration standards) for field use.

With its waterproof casing, which allows for accurate and reliable measurement in any damp environment, the product guarantees optimal mobility even under the harshest conditions.

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