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Ceramic membrane-based pressure transmitter

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article image Cerabar S transmitter incorporating the Ceraphire sensor.

ENDRESS+Hauser has developed a 99.9% pure ceramic (Al2O3) membrane called Ceraphire that is free from sintering aids.

The unique ultrapure cell is built into the company's Cerabar S range of pressure transmitters which are suited for use in demanding applications in the biotechnology and food industries.

Since it is a dry, shock-proof pressure sensor free of any capillary and fill fluid, the Ceraphire cell is not influenced by different mounting positions and poses no risk of leaking into the process being measured.

It can therefore be used in applications such as WFI (Water For Injection), food and beverage sectors.

These new Ceraphire sensor-based transmitters are also suitable for use in vacuum applications as there is no risk of de-gassing, leaking oil, or memory effect. In contrast, metal membranes are particularly prone to fatigue with CIP and pulsating processes.

For food and pharmaceutical applications, the smooth surface of a pure ceramic sensor demonstrates a roughness (Ra) of less than 0.1µm. This minimises the possibility of product build-up and makes Ceraphire FDA and 3A compliant.

Ceraphire is the only ceramic pressure transmitter that has passed the stringent Class VI test according to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) to determine bioreactivity and possible cytotoxicity. As a result, it is certified for use without any restriction in bioprocessing equipment as specified in the ASME-BPE standard.

The ruggedness and durability of the Ceraphire membrane allows Cerabar S pressure transmitters to be employed in harsh and abrasive industrial applications such as pulp and paper, mining and chemical processing industries. The Ceraphire is also able to resist most known chemicals, strong acids and caustics with the only exception being hydrofluoric acid.

Cerabar S transmitters, which incorporate the Ceraphire cell, are available with all necessary process connections ranging from flush mounted threads and flanges to ISO2852 TriClamps, hygienic fittings like DIN11851, Varivent, APV inline, DRD and aseptic fittings according to DIN11864.

Combined with cost-efficient ECTFE and PVDF connections, Ceraphire makes an excellent alternative to traditionally employed, expensive steel grades like titanium, tantalum and monel and achieves the same chemical resistance in aggressive processes.

The new range of high-end transmitters in the Cerabar S series offer 0.075% reference accuracy and SIL2 and IEC Ex certificates. They adopt Endress+Hauser's traditional user-friendly interface and offer full modularity and interchangeability between pressure and differential pressure (dp) transmitters thereby reducing spares holding.

Cerabar S offers a plain text display for setup on board or a handheld plug-in programmer. Full interactivity with DCS architecture is enabled through Hart protocol, Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA outputs.

The new Ceraphire-based Cerabar S series of pressure transmitters is suitable for plants that demand high purity and ruggedness, with limited maintenance.

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