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Calibration-free level limit detection in bulk solids

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article image Soliphant T - switched-on to level limit detection and overspill protection.

THE storage and handling of bulk materials such as grain, flour and plastic pellets can be a high-risk activity and demands accurate and reliable level limit detection.

A poorly designed high level limit switch may cause an overflow or a spill leading to wastage with an adverse financial and environmental impact.

On the other hand, unreliable low-level measurements may cause inventory problems that negatively affect a company's bottom line.

The Soliphant T FTM 20/21 switches from Endress + Hauser provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for high/low level limit detection and overspill protection in silos and bins.

The FTM 20/21 uses a tubular construction with the second rod mounted concentrically inside the outer casing. Compared to the alternative traditional fork or tine construction, this unique single stainless steel rod design is not susceptible to product build-up and obviates the possibility that material becomes embedded between the tines, vastly increasing the instrument's reliability.

The patented 'balanced' rod design is achieved using the new Kipp-piezo drive in the Soliphant T FTM 20/21. The drive is positioned at the base of the rod, not at the process connection.

By decoupling the process connection from the vibration, the switch becomes insensitive to external vibration and flow noises, ensuring reliable measuring results.

The compact FTM20 model has a short 250mm vibrating rod, typical for high level switching, whereas the vibrating rod in the Soliphant T FTM21 is supplied with an extension pipe in a choice of 500mm/1000mm/1500mm lengths for low level.

These rugged fit-and-forget limit switches have a maximum process temperature of 150°C, withstand pressure up to 16bar and can be installed in any orientation.

The Soliphant T FTM 20/21’s rugged compact vibration limit switches are designed for use in fine grained bulk solids with maximum grain size of 25mm and bulk densities up to 200g/l.

Typical applications include cereals, coffee beans/granules, sugar, animal feed, rice, detergents, dye powder, chalk, gypsum, cement, sand, flour, plastic granules, paper and pulp.

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