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Nonsparking safety tools

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article image Nonsparking, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant.

AMPCO tools, available in Australia from Endeavour Tools , are suitable for use in locations where sparking of tools may cause fire or explosion due to the presence of hazardous, flammable or combustible vapour, liquid, dust or residue.

The nonsparking safety tool range includes more than 2200 styles and sizes manufactured in aluminium bronze and other copper alloys. Special tools and sizes outside of the standard range can be made to customer specifications.

The tools are useful in a variety of industries, including ammunition, missile and explosives plants, breweries and distilleries, chemical and fertiliser manufacturing, and confined space cleaning and maintenance. They are also useful for flammable materials manufacturing, handling, storage and distribution, grain storage and handling, liquefied petroleum gas processing, handling, storage and distribution, and maintenance and cleaning services to airports, railroads, shipyards, tankers, vessels, and workboats. They are also useful in oil and natural gas drilling, refining, storage and handling, petroleum and petrochemical refining, storage, handling and distribution, and spray paint, solvent and glue processing.

Apart from their nonsparking feature, the tools are also non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant. Industries to benefit from these features include aircraft maintenance and overhaul, metal smelting works and with magnetic resonance imaging equipment manufacturing and maintenance. They are also suitable for industries where corrosive raw materials, products, byproducts or waste severely affect tool life and in processes where health and hygiene requirements demand corrosion resistant equipment, fittings and tools.

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