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Engage3D 4.0 software for 3D visualisation enhancement available from Encom Technology

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Encom Technology  have launched Engage3D 4.0 software. Engage3D 4.0 delivers a new range of capabilities to MapInfo Professional users while enhancing the powerful set of 3D visualisation and analysis tools that already exist in the Engage Suite.

Specific new features of Engage3D 4.0 include, the ability to render huge grid files, new grid utilities, additional table, analytical and map window tools, accurate 3D digitising, and tools to manipulate and edit 3D solid models. The performance of many data processing tools has also been improved by up to 30 per cent.

Support for devices that can help users with the navigation and visualisation of 3D data has also been added with this release. Smooth and intuitive 3D navigation is now possible in Engage3D with support for the 3D Connexion SpaceNavigator controller.

In addition, Engage3D can now drive full colour 3D stereo projection systems to provide users with a semi-immersive 3D visualisation environment. This allows the detection of very subtle geometric relationships that are often overlooked in conventional 3D views.

Justin Con Foo, GIS Coordinator, Surf Coast Shire Council, said that on several occasions recently the Surf Coast Shire have been asked to prepare an advanced mapping display. The capacity of this new system will give a far better visual interpretation of trail routes so that Surf Coast Shire can present better quality images to support existing trail users and encourage additional trail users.

The Surf Coast Shire are also currently seeking external funding for trail projects and will adopt the Engage Suite to present quality applications that will have a greater chance of attracting the state and federal funding required. On a local scale, pathway investigation and community consultation on proposed pathways will also be enhanced through this system, he concluded.

Enhancements for boosting user engagement:
GIS professionals are being required to work with increasing large datasets and, as a consequence, version 4.0 of the Engage suite adds import and visualisation support for grid files in excess of one gigabyte.

Engage 4.0 can now access virtually unlimited grid files such as continental scale digital elevation models. If data processing of large grids is required, extensive grids can now be cut into smaller tiles allowing them to be efficiently processed by the various surfaces manipulation tools.

Engage 4.0 also adds support for more grid file formats, additional grid utilities (cut/fill, outline, surface area), a new grid profiler tool, and an extra grid filter to its surfaces toolset. A new contour label positioner allows high-quality cartographic output to be achieved with contoured data.

Engage 4.0 further extends the existing toolset that enable MapInfo Professional users to process data and generate cartographic output more efficiently. A new tool has been added to allow users to update multiple columns in a table simultaneously, and users can find their favourite projections, tables or macros faster with an improved quick access favourites dialogue.

Owen Parfrey, Chief Architect, Encom Technology, said that using Engage3D Pro v4.0 it is now possible to more accurately delineate volumes or solids when digitising features in 3D. Users now have the ability to snap 3D feature object nodes (defining an aquatic species habitat, for example) to observational data (such as depth sounding measurements of temperature and salinity) ensuring that the interpretation is correctly aligned with the known data.

Manipulating and editing 3D solid models, such as those used to indicate buildings, tunnels, smoke plumes is now possible with a range of powerful new feature editing tools. For example, the volume of flood water entering a building can be calculated and visualised using the new toolset, Owen Parfrey added.

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