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Discover version 10.0 software for geoscientists available from Encom Technology

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Encom Technology , subsidiary of Pitney Bowes and providers of desktop geoscientific and GIS software, data management and advanced technical consulting solutions, for the natural resources sector, have announced the latest edition of their flagship Discover GIS version 10.0 software.

The Discover version 10.0 software provides geoscientists with a total solution for data collection, analysis, modelling and visualisation. This software solution incorporates a set of new additions, which include new gridding and surface functionality, time-saving drillhole management, grid layout tools, a new point classification tool and extensive improvements to graphical mapping. These features provide geoscientists with greater flexibility and control for achieving the required results.

If advanced data processing of large grids is required, the original grid can be cut into smaller tiles and these tiles can then be selectively and efficiently processed by Discover’s surface manipulation tools. Discover’s grid manipulation, analysis and presentation tools have been enhanced with new utilities for computing true surface areas, cut-and-fill volumes, surface profiles and grid outlines. Other practical additions to the grid handling capabilities include improvements to contour labelling and support for HGT (raw Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data files), Landmark, Geosoft GFX and MapInfo MIG grid file formats.

The grid layout tool, which is used to layout grid lines and pegs for geochemical sampling traverses, airborne surveys and drilling programmes, also comprises a user friendly interface. Geoscientists can interactively define, preview and modify baselines and quickly generate survey lines and pegs on rectangular, triangular or diamond pattern grids.

The Discover version 10.0 software includes many other practical additions and improvements for multi-variate data classification, mapping, graphing and visualisation.

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