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Vacuum tranducers from Emtivac Engineering

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article image Emtivac Engineering provide a range of vacuum transducers suitable for a variety of applications.

Emtivac Engineering  supply a range of Smartline vacuum transducers, processor controlled combo gauges for users who don’t want to have to worry about complex measurement ranges, switching points and the appropriate control of sensors.

The VSH82 SmartlineTM Vacuum Transducers and VSM72 Smartline Vacuum Transducers are suitable for analysis, coating plants and vapour deposition, and measuring and controlling in fine and ultrahigh vacuums.

The VSH82 vacuum transducer has excellent repeatability and high accuracy with automatic control. The VSH82 features Bayard-Alpert with double filament for automatic switch-over.

With a robust cold cathode sensor, the VSM72 Smartline Vacuum Transducer has automatic control and excellent ignition characteristics.

Both models have a combo gauge that incorporates Pirani and hot cathode.

The VSP62 SmartlineTM Vacuum Transducer is a Pirani transducer that operates with a patented, pulse measurement principle based on Emtivac’s Pirani sensor. The Logarithmic signal output is 0-10 V with a measuring range that corresponds to 1.5 up to 8.5 V.

Ideal for applications including freeze drying, the control of fore-vacuum lines and coating plants, the Pirani transducer has small dimensions and low power with an extended range. An advantage of this transducer is the ability to action adjustments easily and accurately with the push of a button.

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