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Vacuum pumps from Emtivac Engineering

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Emtivac Engineering  supplies blowers, centrifugal pumps and vacuum pumps. The product portfolio of Emtivac Engineering includes centrifugal pumps, engineered systems, laboratory equipment, liquid ring compressors, protective coating, soil remediation systems, side channel bowlers and vacuum pumps.

The different vacuum pumps provided by Emtivac Engineering include booster pumping system, claw vacuum pumps, liquid ring pompetravaini, steam ejectors and rotary vane vacuum pumps.

The booster pumps consist of roughly eight shaped two lobed impellers along with positive displacement compressor. The impellers are linked through gears causing rotation in the opposite directions.

Emtivac Engineering’s claw type vacuum pumps have two rotors that rotate in directions opposite to each other. The claw type vacuum pumps have flow rates of 100 to 600 m³/hr. The characteristic features of this system are the less maintenance requirement and oil free compression.

The laboratory equipments provided by Emtivac Engineering include freeze dryers, high vacuum pumps, piston pumps and vacuum ovens. The high vacuum pumps have maximum capacity of 17m³/hr. The high vacuum pumps can vacuum with total pressure of up to 0.005 mbar. The vacuum ovens are available in standard sizes. The ovens can also be specifically made to suit the required application.

The piston pumps are supplied with PTFE coatings for rough applications. The capacity of the piston pump is 100L/min.

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