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Smartline Vacuum Transducers from Emtivac Engineering

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Emtivac Engineering are Australian owned specialists in process and industrial vacuum pumps, equipment and systems. They pride themselves on being a competitive supplier of top quality vacuum pumps, blowers and centrifugal pumps as well as an experienced system designer and manufacturer.

There are three models of Smartline vacuum transducers available from Emtivac Engineering.

The VSH82 and the VSM72 Smartline vacuum transducers have an intelligent, processor controlled combo gauge (Pirani/hot cathode) incorporated into their design. This means that they can handle the jobs of measurement ranges, switching points and sensor control.

Applications of the VSH82 and VSM72 Smartline vacuum transducers include:

  • Analysis
  • Coating plants and vapour deposition
  • Measuring and controlling in fine and ultrahigh vacuums

These vacuum transducers have excellent repeatability, high accuracy, automatic control and excellent ignition characteristics. They come with a robust cold cathode sensor and Bayard-Alpert with double filament for automatic switch-over.

The VSP62 Smartline vacuum transducers operate with a patented, pulsed measurement principle which is based on the Pirani sensor. Applications of this model include:

  • Freeze drying
  • Control of fore-vacuum lines
  • Coating plants

The VSP62 model has small dimensions, low power and an extended range. These vacuum transducers are also exact and easily adjusted with the push of a button.

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