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Multi-phase extraction systems and vacuum devices from Emtivac Engineering

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Emtivac Engineering  manufactures and designs sparging blowers, soil vapour extraction system and multi phase extraction system that are most suited for hazardous areas.

The multi phase extraction systems of Emtivac Engineering are provided with all electrics required for hazardous areas. Liquid ring vacuum pump is the usually used vacuum source. Claw type blower can also be used as the vacuum source.

Emtivac Engineering also provides vacuum equipments that include electronic vacuum switches, vacuum transducers, handheld compact vacuum metre, display and control units and smartline vacuum transducers.

The various models of the vacuum controller are DC1, DC1P and DC1S. The DC1 vacuum and distillation controller is a ceramic-sensor and is chemically resistant. The cooling valve of DC1 can be controlled. The DC1 can be used in laboratory workplaces.

The DC1P is a programmable vacuum and distillation controller. For external valves, DC1P supplies voltage and control outputs. DC1P is used for vacuum drying, degassing process, chemical process engineering and vacuum distillation process.

The smartlineTM vacuum transducer or VSH82 has an automatic switch-over facility. The characteristic feature of VSH82 is the combination sensor. The claimed advantages of VSM72 include the automatic control and cold cathode sensor. The VSP62 has signal output ranging from 0 to 10 V. The areas of application include freeze drying and coating plants.

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