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Emtivac Engineering stocks N2BE liquid ring vacuum pumps

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N2BE liquid ring vacuum pumps from Emtivac Engineering are well suited to use in heavy duty industrial applications, providing efficient and durable performance with suction capacities from 1,600 to 30,000 cubic meters per hour.

These pumps can operate with a maximum vacuum rating of 33 mbar Abs, and have been designed to deliver solid efficiency across a wide range of operating vacuums and speeds.

Capable of tolerating large volumes of liquid carry over from processes without incurring any damage, N2BE liquid ring vacuum pumps can be used in:

  • sugar mills
  • paper mills
  • power station condenser evacuations; and
  • vacuum filters in mineral processing.
The liquid rings have been designed to ensure quiet operation with a low vibration profile. Only minimal filtration is required as there is no metal to metal contact in the operation of the pumps.

N2BE liquid ring vacuum pumps are constructed from cast iron or carbon steel casings with a carbon steel impeller. Full or partial 304 or 316SS materials can also be used in their manufacture for use in applications that are more corrosive in nature.

Maintenance and repair operations are streamlined with the incorporation of inspection covers at each end of the pumps that enable users to conduct internal inspections and check clearances without the need to dismantle the system.

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