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Semi-automatic case packer

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article image Controls the flow and grouping of products automatically.

ECONOCORP, represented in Australia by Emrich Industries , has released the Econopacker, a cost-effective semi-automatic case packing system.

The horizontal case packer provides a low-cost step towards upgrading to an automatic case packing system. It eliminates miscounts due to human error by controlling the flow and grouping of products automatically.

The cartons or cans enter the collating/upstacking area of the Econopacker at random via the infeed belt conveyor. The Econopacker automatically stacks product into the appropriate pack pattern. The operator places a case into position and then presses a foot pedal to launch the automatic loading process. The case is pneumatically lowered from the loading area onto its base and exits via the roller conveyor to a case taper or gluer.

Typical applications include all types of multipacked carton, can and miscellaneous products. It includes feed and outfeed belt conveyors, a product loader, case positioning device, case lowering, muffler, floor stand and collator/upstacker.

It is mounted on castors and can accommodate both corrugated and folding board materials. It can run RSC and die cut designs and operates at up to 600 cases an hour.

It operates on 240V, 50Hz, single phase and consumes 86L/min of air at 5.5 bar of air. Carton sizes can range from 203mm x 152mm x 102mm to 609mm x 406mm x 457mm.

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