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Scirocco flow packer for pharmaceutical packaging from Emrich Industries

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article image new Scirocco flow packer with Vision System Robot configured for pharmaceutical packaging

PFM Packaging Machinery has introduced its new Scirocco flow packer with vision system robot configured for pharmaceutical packaging. The solution consists of the Scirocco wrapper with super long dwell high-speed cross sealing system and automated, vision-assisted infeed system.

Reliable, high speed hermetic sealing

The super long dwell is a continuous motion sealing system that increases the Scirocco's speed to 200ppm by optimising sealing temperature, pressure and dwell to maximise the sealing portion of a cycle.

The super long dwell system produces the guaranteed hermetic seals that are essential for air tight, moisture tight pharmaceutical and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications.

For reliability, it uses no pneumatics and features a sealed; oil bath lubricated mechanical drive-train that extends the components' useful life while assuring consistent operation. For ease of maintenance, sealing units can be removed in just 10 minutes.

Embracing standards and pharma automation expertise

PFM Packaging Machinery recognised that the pharmaceutical industry is embracing OMAC packaging guidelines and the emerging ISA S88-based Make2Pack initiative. They are doing so to address changing regulatory requirements in a standardised way.

As trends such as Process Analytical Technology take hold, pharmaceutical manufacturing leaders recognise that it will be impractical to address compliance requirements on a vendor-by-vendor basis. Instead, industry-wide standards are needed.

Because its control platform is ELAU's PacDrive automation system, the Scirocco inherently supports all applicable OMAC packaging guidelines including IEC standards for programming languages, motion networking, device networks and ethernet.

And the PacDrive automation system is already in extensive use by the major pharmaceutical companies. PFM Packaging Machinery has responded by implementing OMAC's S88-derived PackML state model following the good practices established by ELAU.

They have also taken advantage of PacDrive's change detection software, modular programming framework and use of pre-tested, reusable software objects from its extensive IEC-conforming function block libraries all of which serve to reduce engineering costs while simplifying validation and GAMP compliance.

Reducing life cycle costs

A touch screen HMI, the common look and feel of IEC programming, PacDrive's powerful diagnostic capabilities and the capability for on-line remote service each contribute to Scirocco's overall efficiency and total cost of ownership.

A pure mechatronic design from the ground up, the Scirocco uses an ELAU PacDrive C400 controller to integrate motion and logic in the efficient way in a single software program running on a powerful pentium processor. Six servo axes are used to perform product infeed, film unwind, crimping and sealing functions for maximum speed, flexibility and streamlined mechanical design.

Mechanical design also reflects pharmaceutical trends. The cantilever design features AISI 304 stainless construction, rounded edges, and accessibility from all sides for ease of cleaning and sanitation. Mechanical and electrical components are isolated on the back of the machine away from areas that would need to be re-sanitised.

Automated infeed and film changes

The vision system robot uses vision to locate and pick randomly spaced products from the transport belt and place them precisely for presentation to the flow wrapper. In addition, an automatic register mark based film splicing system allows precise on-the-fly reel changes with no impact on machine speed.

The new Scirocco flow packer with vision system robot configured for pharmaceutical packaging, is available from Emrich Industries .

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