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article image Horizontal flow wrapper.

PFM, represented in Australia by Emrich Industries , has released a new version of the Ghibli horizontal flow wrapper for high-speed wrapping of fresh or frozen salmon using various types of film for different marketing demands.

It can wrap salmon with low-density polyethylene, print-registered polypropylene and laminates for modified atmosphere. In five minutes the dies can be replaced and the Ghibli linked to a vacuum chamber or the PFM Up and Down system to create vacuum bags.

It has a cantilevered box-motion-style transverse sealing system, accessible from the operator's side and driven by two independent brushless motors, ensuring accurate setting of the dwell and sealing pressure.

The cantilevered structure is constructed of AISI 304 stainless with radial angles and the electrical cabinet shelters the mechanical and electronic components from the environment.

The ECR system allows the Ghibli to work in either LVA mode, in which the bag length is automatically set as a function of the product length, or in print registration mode, where the film is kept in registration using preprinted eye spots on the wrapping material. It is possible to wrap whole salmons with variable length or salmon fillets of almost constant length by using polyethylene or polypropylene, without the replacement of mechanical components or sealing systems.

The system can package 35 to 45 whole salmon a minute, with faster speeds for the shorter salmon fillets.

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