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Poultry packed in printed shrink film

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PFM, represented by Emrich Incustries , has released a new line for packaging fresh chicken in trays. This new line of wrappers ensures high output, reaching up to 60 trays per minute, with automatic in-line feeding.

The machines are built to guarantee the ease of cleaning of the surfaces that come into contact with the product and extremely easy access to all visible and hidden parts of the line.

Features of the new system include:

* Hermetic seals, to obtain leak-proof packs and prevent cross contamination.

* Maximum hygiene.

* Large printable surface with centred printing and bar code.

* Aesthetically perfect packs without creases.

The line includes the PFM Mistral pillow-pack wrapper, which seals SES printed shrink film, guarantees absolutely hermetic seals and produces aesthetically perfect packs without creases.

The three-chamber shrink tunnel with a final jet of hot water produces perfectly tight packages.

PFM has also solved the problems related to packing whole chickens and poultry in general on trays.

In this case the PFM flow-pack machine is equipped with a "stretching" system that pulls the film downwards, ensuring a perfect seal and creating a hermetic environment inside the pack.

The result is packs that are airtight, aesthetically perfect with a large printing area for optimal marketing.

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