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The PFM Flex Picker Robot from Emrich Industries is now available for use on fruit such as pears, apples, fennel, tomatoes, carrots, kiwi fruit.

After being successfully used in other sectors, the new industrial robot applied to the greengrocery sector preserves product integrity and quality while increasing production and work shifts over 24 hours.

The system reaches a maximum speed of 120 individual products loaded per minute, with a weight of 2 kg.

The product arrives on the belt in bulk (pre-calibrated or otherwise), then reaches the robot having a digital video camera which identifies the individual products.

The robot, provided with a dedicated suction pick-up system (or other pick-up system depending on the product), with optional rotation, transfers the product from the belt and arranges it in the correct position, either inside a cell-moulded box, a tray, or directly onto the feed belt of the flow-pack wrapping machine.

In some cases the robot is able to identify faulty products and eliminate them before packaging.

The system has been designed to allow several robots to be incorporated within the same packaging line, using a single interface for programming and managing the process (example: insertion of pears in double-layered cell-moulded boxes).

System advantages:
* Cost cutting deriving from reduced personnel, greater line productivity, increased work shifts
* Product handling free of contamination
* Additional product quality control
* Possible use of various types of final packages
* rapid format change 

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