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Omega line horizontal flow pack wrapper introduced

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The Omega line is composed of a horizontal flow pack wrapper that produces 3 or 4-sealed corners packs from a reel of heat sealable film, combined with a horizontal vacuum chambers.

Made-to-measure packages: The packaging is directly shaped by the reels machine and it adapts automatically to the dimensions of the product. Therefore, the user can use the machine for products of different sizes introducing them together, and the machine itself chooses the right package for each of them. Hence, there will be no more material wastes.

PFM also realises personalised projects for the automatic introduction of the product in the Omega packaging machine directly from production lines upon request.

Better hygiene and health in the packaging process. Nowadays it is more and more important to work in healthy places and in white rooms; Omega allows less manipulation of the to be packed product, with great advantages such as the reduction of battery-charge.

Save, save, save: In the manipulation of the product, the staff, and the package costs. At the end of the year, calculate how much these costs and you will choose Omega Line.

People employed at the packaging. It will be no longer necessary to take an envelope, open it, insert the product, pass it through a vacuum flow-pack machine, take the product out and eventually put it into a hot water shrinking tank. With Omega, the only thing that the employee needs to do is to lay the good on a conveyor belt and the thole packaging process, included shrinking, and occurs in a completely automatic way.

Better aspect of the product. A made-to-measure cover displays undoubtedly better its content, and makes its characteristics standing out.  

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