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article image Output speeds of up to 200 sticks a minute.

ARANOW, represented in Australia by Emrich Industries , has released the Aratwin vertical, multilane machine to pack TwinPack stickpacks.

A TwinPack consists of two single-serve portion sticks joined together, allowing two different products in the same pack to be totally separated from each other. Suitable products include liquids, granules and powders.

A typical four-lane AraTwin machine is capable of output speeds of up to 200 sticks a minute. The format is useful for complimentary products, value adding, bundling offers, sampling and promotions.

It has a Monoblock high-resistance carbon steel frame that is powder-coated and baked at 140ºC for high resistance and protection in unfavourable atmospheres. It is designed for easy cleaning and access. The electrics are totally separated from the mechanical and pneumatic parts, avoiding heat transfer. A touch screen is integrated in the frame body.

Main motion is provided by a motor-reducer with variable speed adjustment from the touch screen. All mechanical operations are situated in the interior of the frame, totally insulated and protected. The film is driven with the horizontal sealing jaws, directly controlled by the motor-reducer from the main drive. Lubrication is centralised with only one point of distribution.

The machine has an automatic unwinding system, totally covered by Macrolon safety guards. A pneumatically-operated, expandable reel holder shaft speeds up film reel replacement. It has an end of reel detector with automatic machine stop. Reel cutting is carried out with a pressurised independent cutting system using titanium disc cutters. The dosing system uses stainless steel funnels with a forming tube. All parts in contact with the product are AISI 316 stainless steel.

An independent lane system forms each TwinPack lane to double tube form. The dosing-forming tube provides a perfect form and seal of the TwinPack to avoid seal defects. The machine’s sealing jaws automatically open in the event of a machine stop to avoid overheating the film.

The machine has a control panel with a colour touch screen display and a test system to control all machine functions. It has nine programs in four languages. Sachet length adjustment is electronically controlled from the touch screen. It has a print registration photocell for centring printed film. It is automatically adjusted from the display.

The system provides data on speed, total production by quantity and by time, stop times and control of packaging material consumption. Operation can be changed with a password. Independent temperature control for each sealing jaw is available from the touch screen. Alarm signals on the touch screen display contain help prompts. The machine can be connected to a modem and Ethernet.

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