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Horizontal flow-pack machines from Emrich Industries

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article image Flow-pack machines for frozen lobster

PFM has sold a series of horizontal flow-pack machines for frozen lobster.

The difficulty the project posed was to find a way of overcoming the problems caused by the continuous sudden rise and fall in temperature, the high rate of humidity and the presence of salts and other elements which could have put the good working order of the machines at risk.
Lobster is a difficult product to pack because its size and shape are so irregular.

The features of the product together with the environmental problems and the customer's request to use PE shrink-wrap type films with an average pack length of 400 mm and removal of trim from the fin seal, at a speed of 60 packs/min, provided a series of requirements which, when added up, seemed to make finding a solution extremely difficult.

The choices and technical solutions adopted by PFM solved these problems brilliantly. The Tornado BB stainless steel has proved its reliability in the long term. The machines have shown no sign of deterioration whatsoever.

They work 16 hours a day using shrink-wrap film producing 60 packs a minute. The machines are washed every 4 hours they are in operation. Production efficiency is close to 100% and machine downtime is rare.

The horizontal flow-pack machines are available from Emrich Industries .

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