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Flow-wrapping machines for modified atmosphere packaging

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From Emrich , the PFM horizontal flow-wrapping machines (HFW) produce packs sealed on three sides from a single reel of flat wrapping material 35-40 micron thick for guaranteeing a good gas barrier. Thermoforming machines operate with two reels of wrapping material normally 120 micron thick, i.e. three times that of the flow pack.

The PFM flow-wrappers are constructed using a cantilevered system. Starting from a vertical plate, the sealing and product movement units are assembled on one side, while on the other side (which becomes the back of the machine), the movement units and the electric/electronic board are installed.

The final result is that the front of the machine is left free to allow the sealing and product supporting units to be cleaned directly with water and steam, while the mechanical and electronic parts, which are housed at the back of the machine in separate compartments, are protected.

Thermoforming machines do not in fact feature a cantilevered construction. They are therefore unable to offer such advantages as the movement unit is positioned under the sealing unit by means of a horizontal plate. Any type of direct cleaning therefore inevitably leads to contact of the cleaning substances with the units.

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