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Flow pack type horizontal packaging machine from Emrich Industries

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article image Mistral Servo for hermetically-sealed packs

Mistral Servo is a flow pack type horizontal packaging machine for the production of hermetically-sealed packs with three seals and a zip with modified atmosphere.

Products: Whole mini salami, cheese, trays and similar shallow individual and multi-packs.

Packaging: Resealable pillow packs with zip packed with modified atmosphere to which euro-slot can be applied.

Production rate: up to 80 packs per minute with standard size products.


  • High productivity with zip and for MAP: Can produce hermetically-sealed modified atmosphere packs and apply zip at a production speed of 80 packs/min
  • Maximum hygiene over whole surface: The machine has been designed in accordance with construction criteria which enable the whole machine to be easily cleaned and disinfected. The machine has a cantilevered AISI 304 stainless steel structure: The mechanical and electronic components are housed at the back of the machine in separate, protected areas. The sealing and product handling units are installed overhead at the front of the machine
  • Aesthetically perfect packs: The perfect proportions of the film forming and sealing units (Long Dwell system) and the application of the ZIP guarantee aesthetically perfect packs with resistant, well-positioned seals
  • Rapid format change: with the Servo version on 6 axes it only takes a few minutes to replace the reel, make the few adjustments necessary and select the new work programme
  • PFM's exclusive rotary, servo-assisted ZIP application system which guarantees high speed and good precision at the application point

Mistral Servo is available from Emrich Industries .

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