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According to Emrich , having sold dairy packaging machines throughout the world, PFM can be considered one of the leading companies in this sector. More than 2500 horizontal (HFW) and vertical flow pack (VFFS) machines for packaging cheese alone, have been delivered.

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to use heavy, thick dairy packaging materials, in fact a single roll of very fine material is sufficient to package, using flow-pack, cheeses of different sizes and insulate them completely from the outside world in close fitting, airtight wrappers.

The packaging of cheese and other dairy products offers a number of case histories that vary significantly from one country to another based on the levels of development and consumption.

The packaging of cheese must in fact satisfy the following criteria:

* Hygiene protection

* Preservation

* Transportability

* Marketing (weight, price, codes, expiry date, etc.)

The PFM Flowrappers for wrapping fresh, mature or grated cheese in modified atmosphere. With the PFM flow wrapping machines, the following types of cheese can be wrapped:

* Fresh or mature cheese portions in modified atmosphere (MAP)

* Cheese slices

* Grated and/or diced cheese wrapped on vertical flow packing machines.

* Mozzarella with or without liquid

* Mozzarella type cheese or shredded cheese for pizza.

* Automatic packaging machine for cheese for vacuum packing and/or in heat-shrinkable material from a reel.

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