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HAMER Packaging Technology, distributed by Emrich Industries , manufactures blister packaging machinery to suit a wide range of applications.

Hamer focuses on producing a cost-effective, easy-to-manufacture, simple, strong and reliable blister. The 3 standard machine models BPC 15, 25 and 35 all vary according to the maximum thermoforming area, starting from 150mm x 200mm up to a large area of 350mm x 500mm.

The operation process involves the a number of steps. First the plastic film is unwound from the reel and warmed in the heating module. When the preset process temperature is reached, the film is driven into the moulding zone (positive or negative, depending on the product features) where the blister is formed. After moulding, the film proceeds to the filling area, where the blisters are filled with the relevant product, then sealed either with cardboard or plastic. The filled blisters transfer to the punching and die cutting stations, where they are split from the film and are ready for collection.

The BPC models offer quick and easy access to the tooling, minimising changeover time. Working parameters can be operated by PLC, with the option of online checking by built in modem. They also offer a user-friendly touch screen interface and an ergonomic design to reduce operator stress and discomfort. They are adaptable to suit different production requirements and conditions.

The BPC 25 and 35 N models are designed specifically for additional automatic motor-driven stations including pressure moulding.

Other benefits of Hamer's blisters include a design that prevents the tube (or product) from falling inside the plastic bubble, skilful adaptation of the machine to minimise air inside the blister and perfectly punched and trimmed shapes and calculated gravity centre which keeps every blister in the correct vertical position.

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