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Automatic packaging line for piled-up biscuits from Emrich Industries

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article image Automatic packaging line for piled-up biscuits

Products: brittle and/or irregularly shaped biscuits

Packaging: flow pack with piles of 1-2-3-4-5 products x 1-2-3-4

Production: 650 biscuits per minute distributed over two packaging lines

The operating cycle:

The line picks up the products coming from a box oven then distributes them in ranks which are spaced out and aligned.

The PIVOT station directs the ranks to the first or second packaging line or to a buffer.

If necessary, the orienting device is activated to turn the product by 90°, depending on the orientation required for packaging.

The product is kept suitably adherent to the synchronisation belts, due to the suction system.

The automatic overlaying system, positioned between the synchronisation belts and the flow-pack unit arranges the required amount of items in layers to make up the programmed piles.

After coming out of the automatic overlaying system, the piles reach the packaging machine.

Special line features:

Automatic overlaying system: the special device positioned between the synchronisation belts and the packaging machine is the true innovative feature of the line.

A traditional push-operated system (stacker), when handling brittle and irregularly shaped products, as in this case, would inevitably cause them to break the biscuits, being pushed to be laid one on top of the other, would crumble with the friction; moreover, their irregular, variable heights would make it impossible to arrange them in piles without incurring in considerable waste and production stops.

The SPS automatic overlaying system lowers and lifts the products with care and arranges them in piles, totally eliminating the friction between surfaces; therefore it bypasses the problems deriving from changes in product height and avoids any breakage and production stops.

Construction details:

The line is entirely managed by brushless motors in electric axis. Each working detail has been studied to make all sanitation operations as easy as possible; the structure is cantilevered and all the belts can be conveniently removed without using any tools.

PFM automatic packaging line, for piled-up biscuits are available from Emrich Industries .

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