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Auto and semi-auto “Doy Style Bag” packaging systems

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EMRICH Industries has released new machinery for the filling and sealing of “Doy Style Bags” from Spanish manufacturer SWIT.

“Doy Style Bags” are a unique and flexible self-standing package, which can contain a variety of products, to protect delicate foods, beverages and medicines from outside elements such as oxygen, ultraviolet rays, humidity, and bacteria.

“Doy Style Bags” have been chosen by many companies as packaging for their advantages in preserving the products, and are the perfect format, ideal size to handle, easy to open and a great looking pack. “Doy Style Bags” are highly resistant to temperature changes and mechanical handling and avoid water or gas transfer.

“Doy Style Bags”, due to their small size and volume, are light, stable, easy to store and display their whole contents, and, of course, are environmental friendly.

“Doy Style Bags” are ideal for a growing list of packaging applications - pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and food. Many products become more "user friendly" when packaged in “Doy Style Bags”.

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