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SMS marketing and advertising from empower messaging

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SMS Marketing is emerging as a powerful and exciting tool in the marketer’s direct marketing toolkit. Why? No other medium has the ability to deliver a message precisely to the intended audience and have that message read.

Sure email can deliver a message to a targeted audience, but the open rates for marketing emails are disappointingly low. Yet there is something about the humble SMS that ensures that the recipient will actually open and read the message.

SMS Marketing has other significant advantages too. One’s campaign is delivered instantly to the intended recipient and is more than likely to be read immediately as well. This is a huge advantage for last minute or time sensitive campaigns such moving.

The great difficulty, up until now at least, has been that initiating SMS Marketing campaigns involved engaging an external supplier. This has a number of negative consequences, mainly in additional costs for professional service but also in a slower speed to market.

Now, any marketer with a PC and an Internet connection can produce the sophisticated SMS campaign from the comfort of their PC Desktop. Empower Messaging now delivers online applications that are easy and intuitive to use and let you create both inbound and outbound campaigns including competitions, votes and surveys.

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