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Empower Messaging integrates online SMS messaging application into Salesforce

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Empower Messaging has integrated its online SMS messaging application into Salesforce, a leading online CRM application. This new service will be known as sms4salesforce.

Empower Messaging’s sms4salesforce is a two-way SMS (or Text Messaging) tool that integrates seamlessly into the Salesforce user interface. The benefit for Salesforce users is that they can now access this simple, highly cost effective communication tool and still keep track of their communications via Salesforce. sms4salesforce is available worldwide including the US.

sms4salesforce enables users to send and receive SMS messages from within the familiar environment of their Salesforce dashboard. Current Salesforce users will find the tool easy and intuitive to use as the application has been designed specifically for salesforce and all messages sent can be logged as a Salesforce activity.

No additional software or hardware is required and the advanced messaging technology means a dedicated virtual mobile phone number to send and receive messages is not required. sms4salesforce also includes the ability to send bulk sms messages to multiple Salesforce contacts simultaneously.

Replies to SMS messages will be sent to the email address. From Outlook Salesforce, Outlook Edition can be used to associate email messages with Salesforce records.

Suggested uses

  • Communication to staff and customers
  • Job notifications to field support staff
  • Customer surveys
  • Reminder notifications
  • Schedule changes
  • Appointment reminders
  • Payment reminders
  • Order confirmations
  • Product launches
  • Marketing campaigns

Features and benefits

  • Ability to send and receive SMS messages from the contacts tab in Salesforce desktop
  • Send the same message to multiple contacts simultaneously
  • The messaging technology allows sending and receiving SMS replies without the need for a Virtual mobile number
  • Enterprise and unlimited edition users view SMS messages sent from within Salesforce
  • Replies to SMS messages sent to email address
  • Significantly higher response rate than emailed campaigns
  • Messages can be sent to any country from any country

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