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Time Electronics bench top meters from Emona Instruments

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article image These bench top meters measure AC/DC voltage and current
The Time Electronics 5075 model of bench top meters from Emona Instruments is equipped to measure small signals without using the 6½ or 7½ digit resolution mode, which is often slow, noisy and inaccurate.

The bench top meters measure nanovolts to 10kV, from picoamps to 30 Amps, from micro-ohms up to 1GΩ, from picofarads to 300uF with up to 7½ digital accuracy.

Using the auto dynamic filter (ADF) mode the bench top meters can select the most suitable filter for the job.

The bench top meters display fast changing signals, along with newly connected signals almost immediately.

In order to ensure an even more accurate reading, if the input remains constant filter time increases, whereas in the event that an input is disconnected the filter would immediately return to the fastest.

The bench top meters are incredibly easy to use, all major functions can be carried out using just one key, and thanks a large fluorescent display both the reading and range are clearly visible. 

Peak hold and continuity checks are available and various audible warnings can also be selected.

Users can program high and low pass/fail limits as well as switch to the bar display mode thanks to the presence of a bar graph function.

The bench top meters boast a ten channel scanner option that allows for multiple inputs to be displayed and compared.

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