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Thermal Imaging Cameras from Emona

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Emona Instruments , the Australia wide importer and distributor of electronic and electrical test equipment offers a comprehensive range of affordable thermal imaging cameras for electrical switchboard inspections, industrial maintenance and the HVAC industry. 

Emona’s range starts with the Dali TE thermal imaging camera. The TE is a no compromise 160 x 120 resolution thermal imaging camera. The TE is ideal as a service tool for electrical, industrial and HVAC applications and at this price allows every technician to have one in their toolbox.  

Dali's TEi-P provides 160 x 120 resolution, visible light camera and voice recoding capability. Ideal for electrical contractors carrying out switchboard thermal surveys, the TEi-P for the first time allows electrical contractors to purchase an affordable thermal imaging camera and provide switchboard inspection services. Insurance companies are increasingly requesting that such inspections be carried out as part of the risk assessment process.  

The Trotec range of thermal imaging cameras are manufactured in Europe and offer a range of high end features.  The IC080V offers 160 x 120 resolution, visible light camera, DuoVision visible light and IR image fusion and a unique torch function for illuminating the visible light image in dark places. The Trotec IC120LV offers 1,500 degree C and 384 x 288 resolution thermal imaging camera for demanding industrial applications.  

The Electrophysics range are manufactured in the USA and offer the markets only in-camera data logging system with a PDA type user interface and a high 640 x 480 resolution.

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