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Reporting of workplace indoor environments.

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AS an increasing number of employees are spending their working lives indoors, workplace and facilities managers are becoming more aware of the importance of measuring the typical parameters of the indoor workplace environment, namely temperature, humidity, ventilation and task lighting, to reduce lost productivity and help meet obligations under OHS regulations and codes of practice.

The Metrel "Poly", available from Emona Instruments , is a unique and cost effective instrument for measuring and automatically recording the typical parameters of the indoor workplace environment.

It is an ideal solution for both workplace managers and OHS professionals to conduct in-house measurements, or for occupational health and safety service providers to provide measurement and reporting services to end users.

The "Poly" simultaneously measures, analyses and stores temperature, relative humidity, air velocity and illuminance readings and downloads to PC for generating workplace reports. The logging function provides a time and date stamp as well as allows the user to enter site and location information.

Up to 4000 measurement locations can be stored with up to 8 hours of autonomous operation using rechargeable batteries. Once the measurements are stored, the "Poly" is connected to a PC with the SensorLink software package and measurement results are downloaded for analysis and reporting.

SensorLink software allows the preparation and printing of professional "Test Reports" and export of data to spreadsheets for further data analysis.

The measurement of the workplace indoor environment using the Poly involves in-situ measurement in the vicinity of the worker. The Poly is placed adjacent to the worker's normal workstation and measurements are recorded and compared against the required norms.

While instrument operators should also note the location of air conditioning vents, open doorways and windows, and the size and shape of the work area, it is essentially the local or workstation environment that is the focus of the Poly's in-situ measurement technique.

The "Poly" revolutionises the opportunity for in-house testing and service providers to conduct fast, accurate and accountable in-situ measurement of indoor workplace environments. Measurement and record keeping allows employers to be seen to be proactive in managing employee comfort, demonstrating compliance to regulatory requirements and be in a better position to respond to complaints of workplace discomfort or stress.

For a free application note, titled "A Practical Guide to Managing the Workplace Indoor Environment", that explains measurement and reporting of the key workplace indoor environment parameters as well as the accepted limits for each of these parameters, contact Emona Instruments.

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