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New GW VPO Oscilloscopes Set to Replace DSO Technology

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article image GDS-3000 Visual Persistence Oscilloscope

A new range of oscilloscopes will see a next generational shift in oscilloscope technology from DSO to VPO or Visual Persistence Oscilloscopes.  

Next generation VPO technology oscilloscopes such as GW’s new GDS-3000 series introduce this advanced technology to users at a price that is within easy reach of the average industrial, educational and hobby user.  

VPO signal processing technology allows the GDS-3000 Series oscilloscopes to display waveforms with various grayscales based on the occurrence frequencies, comparable to the traditional analogue oscilloscope display.  

The Visual Persistence Oscilloscope contains 3-dimension waveform data including amplitude, time and intensity for each waveform spot, providing more useful signal information than normal DSO digital storage oscilloscopes.  

The VPO high-speed FPGA parallel data processing enables the signal analysis of rapid events such as video, jitter, glitch and runt as well as significantly increased data processing speed and waveform update rate.  

Apart from the VPO technology, GW’s GDS-3000 series include new features that will re-define user expectations in the affordable oscilloscope market segment.  

These features include: 

  • Huge 8” screens with high SVGA 800 x 600 resolution
  • Extremely practical SVGA video output port allows transfer of DSO screen image to an external projector or monitor for remote monitoring or big screen observation ideal for educational and commercial group presentations
  • Unique 4-window split screen feature, window-navi tool, switching power measurement and serial data bus measurement such as I2C/SPI/UART
  • Provides 2 or 4 analogue channels, up to 350MHz bandwidth, independent 25k points record length for each channel, up to 5 GSa/s sampling rate and 3,000 frame/sec waveform update rate

Unique Split Screen 

  • 4-windows split screen allows each input channel to be operated independently with respective setting and waveform display
  • Time base, vertical sensitivity and trigger selections can be done by each channel separately
  • Waveform of each input signal can be shown on the individual part of the screen
  • Useful for applications that need to simultaneously see the details of multiple waveforms with very different characteristics
  • 8-inch high resolution 800x600 LCD display offers easy viewing of complex signals

Complete Set of Trigger Functions 

  • Multiple trigger functions including Video, Pulse Width, Runt, Rise Time and Fall Time, Alternate, Delay by Time, Delay by Event and Hold-Off
  • High sampling rate, VPO signal processing and display, and flexible trigger function enable waveform capture and display of various types of signals

Serial Bus Triggering and Decoding 

  • Serial bus analysis software carries complete analysis tools for triggering and decoding of commonly used serial bus interfaces including I2C, SPI and UART
  • User only needs to set the trigger condition on GDS-3000 to get the data slots of interest

Power Analysis Software for Power Supply Measurements 

  • Optional Power Analysis software contains four measurement functions including Power Quality, Harmonics, Ripple and Inrush Current
  • Power Quality analysis function allows the measurement of Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power and other quality related parameters for power source efficiency improvement
  • Harmonics analysis function performs evaluation of power waveform distortion and gives harmonic test data for power source design and quality check
  • Ripple measurement function is used to evaluate the DC power source quality
  • Inrush Current measurement function is used to measure the power-on surge current

Various Interfaces Support

  • Two high-speed USB 2.0 host ports located in front panel and rear panel are used for easy access of stored data
  • USB device port available in the rear panel for remote control and hardcopy print-out through a Pictbridge compatible printer
  • RS-232 and LAN interfaces are provided as standard for system communication and ATE applications
  • SVGA video output port allows the transfer of DSO screen image to an external projector or monitor for remote monitoring or big screen observation
  • GPIB to USB adaptor is available optionally for interface conversion though the USB device port in the front panel

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