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article image ProTag mobile work unit.

THE ProTag mobile work unit from Emona Instruments is a mobile testing and tagging system with on-site tag printing. The ProTag mobile work unit safely and securely houses the Supernova XE tester and ProTag test tag printer and provides users with system mobility.

The ProTag mobile work unit operates in five modes: lockable transit case, equipment storage unit, equipment work stand, equipment trolley and work station with bench.

The unique design of the mobile work unit allows users to attach the lid to the side of the case, extend the integrated legs and operate a workbench for appliances and leads under test.

The ProTag system prints test tags on-site, sparing users the laborious process of handwriting thousands of test tags and managing handwritten log books.

The system tests portable appliances to AS3760, prints durable test tags in seconds and downloads test results to PC for computerised record keeping. It's fast, accurate and accountable.

The ProTag system allows users to process up to 30 appliances per hour, providing significant efficiency gains and enormous cost reductions on traditional manual testing and tagging.

Test tags from the ProTag printer are less than one third of the price of hand written tags.

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