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Emona Instruments unveils new series of thermal imaging cameras

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The new series of thermal imaging cameras, HotShot-HD (high definition) from Electrophysics, represented in Australia by Emona Instruments , offers a range of advanced features including high performance 640 x 480 resolution, a dual laser hotspot highlighter and advanced image fusion.

The HotShot-HD series is the next generation release from Electrophysics’ HotShot range of thermal imagers. The HotShot-HD series go beyond traditional point and shoot thermal imaging cameras by combining high image quality with a powerful, yet simple to use in-built PDA type touch screen and QWERTY keyboard for data entry and data logging functions.

Enter descriptive image file names, asset locations and inspection comments using the QWERTY keyboard and record equipment type, diagnosis, repair recommendations and severity codes via pull-down menus on the data entry screen. Capturing image and inspection information on-site in-camera is more reliable, accurate and efficient than traditional methods such as error-prone and inefficient hand written notes.

The HotShot-HD series thermal imagers also introduce the concept of Route Based Inspections to thermal imaging inspections. By prompting users on which inspection to carry out next, the route based method is the most effective and accountable way of managing repetitive inspections of critical assets. Routes can also be learned by the camera to provide a survey report, a management tool that ensures the repeatability of future inspections. The route based method also makes it easier to manage asset histories and look for trend-able anomalies.

The HotShot-HD series feature a temperature range up to 500 degree Celsius, a high resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, VOx microbolometer, 500:1 measurement spot ratio, high-quality megapixel visible light camera, a choice of IR/PIP and fusion image modes and a dual laser target marking system that ensures that you are focusing on the hot spot every time.

Another unique feature of the HotShot-HD series of thermal imaging cameras is the Automatic Report Generation software, ReportIR. The ReportIR automatically generate reports, whether 5 pages or 105 pages in less than 3 minutes.

All the data in the report comes from the image file, which the user generated on-site in-camera using the camera’s QWERTY keyboard and data entry features, eliminating double entry back in the office. The HotShot-HD series’ image file holds the 12 bit radiometric image and temperature analysis, visible image, inspection details such as location, equipment description, diagnosis recommendation, severity code and comments.

The user simply downloads the image files to PC via USB or CF card, pastes the image files into the ReportIR work space, selects the report template and the inspection summary page format and the ReportIR’s macro function automatically inserts the image files and data into the template and generates the multi-page reports.

ReportIR’s automatic report generation removes the traditional labour intensive manual data collection and collating overheads required to generate comprehensive multi-page reports. In all other areas, compliance testing requires evidence that every asset was inspected or tested.

Current thermography methods, due to their labour intensive nature, usually only document the faults. Routinely capturing all infrared and visible images at each inspection point and generating automatic reports is indisputable evidence of inspections and proves full accountability for both the inspection technician and the owner of the asset.

Capturing all infrared and visible images also helps in the management of assets as a route planner for inspection technicians, guaranteeing that every asset that requires inspection was actually inspected and the inspection is fully documented.

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