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Electronics Workbench releases designSUITE freeware edition

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article image Includes software for all major steps in the circuit design flow.

FOR the first time, Electronics Workbench, represented in Australia by Emona Instruments , has released a freeware edition of its complete suite of tools.

Called designSUITE, the software is based on the PowerProfessional versions of Multicap, Multisim, Ultiboard and Ultiroute.

designSUITE includes software for all major steps in the circuit design flow. The software covers schematic capture, circuit simulation (Spice, VHDL and patented co-simulation), PCB layout and autorouting.

Users benefit from truly unique product features, industry-leading ease-of-use and complete integration between the tools that comprise Electronics Workbench’s product suites.

SUU, the Support and Upgrade Utility, automatically checks for and installs software updates over the web, ensuring that software is always at its most capable level.

The capture and layout functionality in designSUITE software will work in perpetuity, and simulation and autorouting are available for a 45-day period after installation. In all cases, this software provides access to the complete set of features found in the Power Pro products.

designSUITE is not a ‘demo version’ - the only restrictions in this version relate to project size (50 components, 750 pins and 2 layers).

designSUITE provides flexibility needed to complete real projects and produce boards right through the entire design flow.

Multisim, Electronic Workbench's flagship simulation tool, was voted a ‘Top 10 EDA Product of the Year’ by Cahner's Electronics' industry yearbook - the only mainstream product to achieve this honour.

For a free copy of the designSUITE CD-Rom, contact Emona Instruments.

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