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article image Saves designers thousands of mouse clicks.

EMONA Instruments has released Multisim 8 circuit simulation software. It takes advantage of modern computers and software architecture, saving designers thousands of mouse clicks and allowing a design to be captured quickly.

Repetitive capture tasks are optimised so the designer is free to create and test their designs, minimising time-to-market. Multisim 8 includes virtual instruments from Tektronix. Engineers traditionally waited until a design was completely manufactured before beginning to test the prototype board. The virtual instruments allow testing during schematic entry.

An unlimited number of dynamic probes can be placed on the schematic to annotate a circuit with real time, dynamic values such as current and voltage, providing immediate feedback and accelerating the design process.

Simulation profiles allow the user to configure, save and re-use complete Spice simulation parameter setups, resulting in even greater time savings. Tool-tip style notes allow notes to be attached to any point in the circuit. Design notes, annotations and comments from reviewers automatically pop-up when mousing over a circuit. The design engineer may toggle between all notes, no notes or notes made by a specific individual.

New model makers supplement Multisim's component library, facilitating the rapid creation of more types of component models from data book values such as transformers, converters and motors. A worst-case algorithm tests circuits under the worst expected conditions, incorporating the statistical variations of real world component values during the upfront simulation stage.

An amplifier circuit wizard automatically creates circuitry that matches user-supplied parameters. This ability stems from the tight integration of Multisim's schematic capture and simulation features. The capture engine uses the simulation functionality to look ahead and create circuitry that behaves as specified by the user. Electronics Workbench's support and upgrade utility automatically checks and installs software updates and new releases over the web.

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